LCD / LED TV check-up
LCD / LED TV servicing
Repair of LCD / LED TV

What are you expecting?
A top-ranked qualified background technologist.
Primary diagnosis and problem detection.
Part and component procurement.

Price included:
Only service charge is-
22 inchs to 39 inchs 1000 taka.
40 inchs to 45 inchs 2000 taka.
46 inchs to 50 inchs 3000 taka.
51 inchs to 55 inchs 4000 taka.
56 inchs to above inchs 5000 taka.

Only Diagnosis Charge 200 Taka

Without Price:
Materials and parts (if used)
Transport (if applicable)

Terms and Conditions:
The product will be shared and parted according to the manufacturer. 01 Month service warranty is provided by
Accountability: is not responsible for potential risks by a pre-existing problem/technician but should refuse to repair it due to customer's denial.

Payment: After the completion of the service - the payment of cash to the customers will be paid. After the payment, please confirm, you received the receipt of Shaiful Electronics Work.