Refrigerator / Fridge:Refrigerator / Fridge Service
Refrigerator gas charge,
Check up the Refrigerator,
Refrigerator Basic Servicing,
Refrigerator Master Service,
Refrigerator water drop solution,

What are you expecting?
A top-ranked qualified background technologist
Primary diagnosis and problem detection
Part and component procurement

Price included:

service charge as per requirement,
Only Diagnosis Charge 200 Taka,
Claims other services are exchangeable

Without Price:
Materials and parts (if used)
Transport (if applicable)

Terms & Warranty: Products and parts will be warranted as manufacturers. A 01-month service warranty is provided.

Accountability: we are not responsible for the possible risks reported by a pre-existing problem technician but due to the customer's denial it will not be refunded.

Payment: After the completion of the service - customers will pay cash with the receipt. After confirmation of payment, you received a receipt containing money received.

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